Hungry in the night!

My little boy has just turned 5 months, when he was 3 months he started sleeping through the night but since he was 4 months he started waking up around 3/4am for a bottle It’s been getting earlier since then and now he’s waking up for a bottle around 2am and again at 5am 🙈 Anyone able to help with getting him to sleep through the night again please I need my sleep back 😂 He is bottle fed and started on pouches just before he was 4 months old Thank you in advance ❤️
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This might be sleep regression My baby slept through (5am) and then 5-8am until 4.5 months and began waking up to 4 times a night! He was more hungry but also just stiring as well

This is quite common I think! My baby went through a sleep regression at the 5-6 month mark and would scream every hour. She hasn’t fed overnight since she was like 9 weeks old so I wasn’t sure what was going on! Thankfully a few weeks later it passed and she’s gone back to sleeping through again

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