overly touchy toddler

by all means i am not complains about my toddler being loving because i do love getting cuddles and kisses from her but i think mine might just be a little too much, or i’m just overstimulated…. my toddler is verrryyy touchy, always rubbing my legs my arms even my butt i always have to tell her to stop. she asks me to rub her lol super emotional when i tell her no she cries like she’s genuinely sad and cries “don’t say that to me” my partner is very impatient with her and doesn’t tend to her sensitivity needs instead gets frustrated and mad (sometimes at me too because i guess i made her that way) that she acts like that and i think me being pregnant i’ve been overstimulated with just being touched it’s been annoying me as well….. i feel so bad and know she just wants to be loved but how can i let her know in a way she will understand that sometimes it’s too much, also when she plays with other kids she’s always grabbing them or trying to hug or even kiss them 😭 saying “i just love them” it’s cute but it’s a lot especially for a 3 year old. i’m trying to teach her boundaries in a way that won’t make her change the sweet kind person she is but don’t know how
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I have no real advice, but I came across a children's book in my house called can ladybug hug? It talks about the importance of asking before hugging someone (boundaries) its a cute read and it may help with her wanting to hug everyone. I hope everything gets better for you!💜

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