Collecting wee sample

How the hell is this possible for a 9 1/2 month old!!! She doesn’t have any kind of sign that she’s peeing, I might be able to do it later once both me and my partner are home but they want it for her app in half an hours time… what am I meant to do 😂
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Take nappy off and allow to roam freely whilst holding a Tupperware and watching like a hawk. My baby wees like 4 times an hour. Dive on said baby when weeing and catch a bit. Doesn’t need to be much!

@Megan the roam freely part isn’t happening, she’s not very well and it so upset unless she’s asleep wrapped in a blanket. Hopefully once I get home from work later we can do it with her in bed. They think she may be diabetic :((

Pediatric urine collection bag. You can get it on Amazon, but might get lucky in a pharmacy... You kind of stick it on privates, our girl had that when they wanted sample in a hospital She didn't even flinch when it was put on/taken off, guess the adhesive is very gentle

Have you got a potty? If so put her on the potty as soon as she wake, after she’s had milk, before she goes bed just for a couple minutes at a time and you should get a little wee at some point The squatting position of a potty encourages them to wee without even realising it

Someone said to me before put a cotton wool ball in the nappy and then you can squeeze it out xx

Thanks guys, I’ll look into the bag or getting a potty - hoping they might try at the app in a mo I’ve made sure she’s drank a lot to hopefully make it easier

Take nappy off and wipe her lower belly with a wet wipe! & put a tub or something underneath her to catch if she wees :)

@Robyn oh I’m sorry to hear she’s so poorly! We had to get a urine sample too and that’s how we did it. Wishing you all the best x

If the doctor has requested it you should be able to get one of those bags from them. They gave me one when I thought my daughter had a water infection x

I work in a&e and we usually put a cotton ball or swab in the nappy then squeeze it out. Hope she’s okay xx

Your GP should have nappy inlays. I've been given those

Thank you everyone, great ideas!!! E we had a failed attempt yesterday so will try again once her dad is home as she’s super clingy - even having to do nappy changes whilst cuddling :((

I put my baby on his changing mat nappy free for a bit it has dips in the side that catches wee ect... and then poured it into the bottle. The cotton ball thing is genius those, need to remember that!

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