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I’m really struggling! Found out I’m having a boy and feel like I hate all boy names 🤦🏼‍♀️ I love Monty, that’s what my heart is set on but my partner keeps saying no! Are they’re any similar names??
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Barney Toby Otis Myles Jasper

Theo, Liam, Jett, Owen

I feel your pain! We’re not finding out what we’re having, but have a good amount of girls names we really like but no stand out boys names!!! We like Lucas and Noah but I’m still not 100% sold on any!!

My partner and I have Montgomery on our short list for boys. It’s a beautiful name. Myles is also nice.

Albie Gus Freddie Edwin Milo

Boy names are so hard 🤣 I have a knox and about to call my second Rudi 😊 Maddox Hendrix Lockie Loxley Easton Axton Malachi Cohen Presley

Milo Otis Felix Santi Franco Rocco Rudy Gordy Bruno Hugo Rico Thiago Nico Toby Roby Rory Enzo Leo Brady Marco

What do you like about the name Monty? Might help with similar name suggestions

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