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If your little one has dropped to one nap do you do lunch before they go down or when they get up?
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I personally do before, he can’t tell me he’s hungry so would rather he went down for his nap with a full tummy. Lunch is around 11am, nap around 11:30/12pm. Usually some snacks around 2/3pm before dinner at 5☺️

We follow our babes cues or offer whenever we eat or when we're in the kitchen. She can sign for food so that helps. We have a later nap so usually it's before, but she also often doesn't do breakfast and preferred to eat afternoon-evening. You could offer before and see if they're hungry if not, go after 😊. We tend to wake hungrier than before a nap but it still really depends on her 😅 xx

I do before around 12. Nap 12:30/1pm. Snack 3pm , dinner at 5:30.

Usually before

She usually goes to sleep at 1pm so she’ll have her lunch at around 12.30. It also depends when baby has had their breakfast as if not enough time in between them baby wont be hungry and I’ll kind of ruin the entire food schedule for the day 🤦🏻‍♀️. So for us is usually 3h30 -4h between breakfast and luch . She has 5h wake windows and 2h nap or 1h40 . Xx

We have lunch at 12 then down for a nap. She then has some fruit around 3pm and tea about 5ish. Nursery have a different routine for her though and she seems to adapt well

Lunch at 12 and nap at 1. He has snacks when he wakes x

I personally do lunch after. Breakfast 8am, snack 10:30, nap 11 for 1-2 hours then I have his lunch ready for when he wakes up. He eats well so doesn’t get too hungry with having lunch after nap.

Thank you girls, I think where she’s napping at 11/11:30 atm it seems too early to have lunch before, and she has milk at 7ish breakfast about 8:45/9, then lunch at 1ish when she’s up so I think until she’s napping slightly later I’ll leave it as it is! As I do give her a snack before she goes for a nap xx

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