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Does anyone give their little one toys to play with in their cot at bedtime? We’ve been putting them in their cots awake after milk to let them settle themselves with a little colour changing night light but i was thinking a a couple of little toys might help if they’re not that tired to keep them happy before drifting off. Any suggestions? They’re bored of spinners now
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We have a floor bed that we put afew toys around so he can have a small play before he sleeps and it’s been working so well when he wakes up at the crack of dawn to give me five minutes to wake up

@Sarah oh nice. What’s the floor bed like? Where did u get it from? We have twins so thinking there could be arguments before sleep 😄

We’ve just been using the ikea kura bed and it been working fabulous. We first put him in a playpen with a mattress to see if he’d even sleep as we were getting nowhere with a crib and he’s never slept better

I put a teddy and a book in his cot

Teddies and maybe a book here too

Just a comforter or teddy to cuddle

We’re in a single floor bed now. Doesn’t really help with sleep but he does sit in it with a book 🤷🏻‍♀️

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