Shit! Any tips on food refusal? I’m not handing it very well 🥺

Baby girl has always had a good palette and we eat really well, I cook from scratch everyday! Lots of fruit, veg, lentils, beans, pasta, potato, cheese, egg, fish, rice…but the last couple of weeks she’s been getting so upset as soon as I try to put her in the high chair, like full on meltdown. We’ve resorted to books/toys to distract her - even the tv on the odd occasion which has worked whilst I feed her..but now she just doesn’t seem to want to eat…today I gave in and made her toast and banana after she refused her lunch and she ate it 😩 she can’t live on that though 👹☠️💀🥺 Anyone else’s toddler going through food refusal? Any tips on how to handle this stage? I feel like a shit mum for showing I’m frustrated sometimes, and then worry she’s not going to be getting enough fruit/veg etc. Im not enjoying this stage at all, feel so stressed and overwhelmed by it 😢 ..she is cutting her fangs at the moment and I know she goes a bit off her food when she’s teething, but I feel this is worse than ever! 💔
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My boy literally just had a week of eating pretty much nothing. Was so worried. Today he’s eaten a big bowl of cheerios, a biscuit, 10oz of milk and all his lunch so hopefully back on the food now 🤞🏻 If she’s hungry she’ll eat that’s what I kept telling myself. Just annoying throwing so much food away.

We’ve been going through the food refusal for a while and have a dietitian due to allergies and she said to us try little and often if all they’ll eat is snacks and drink their milk it’s still calories in some days are good some days are bad I can go back in my emails and look as I think she sent over a leaflet explaining why they do it and what can help But honestly it’s so annoying that they do it

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