Dribble Bibs

Does anyone have any recommendations for dribble bibs to stop the dribble soaking through?
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Totsi bibs are amazing! They’re the only ones we use now, would 100% recommend

Honestly I picked up one pack in primark that are dribble bibs but they just have the feel of normal bibs but no matter how much milk or dribble is on them it won’t go through as there’s a lining inside ! So cheap and great! I wish I picked more up when I was there xx

Second the primark dribble bibs. They are great.

I’ve brought from a brand called dribble days. Really cute designs and dribble doesn’t soak through at all x

@Jess yes was just about to say these!! I'm super impressed. They're like normal bibs but have a waterproof layer in them, but not like a hard plastic. They've been fantastic :) lovely patterns too xxx

@Jess have you got some pics please!!? Xx

The only ones I’ve found to soak everything up is bibbily boo and they’re amazing! My baby dribbles and spits up constantly and it’s never soaked through with those bibs, they have lovely designs as well☺️

We have ziggle ones they’re amazing I’ve managed to find one brand new ones on vinted cheap

Asda have some that are almost like apron like on the back that don’t soak through x

@Jess thank you!!

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