Completely off baby topic!! Has anybody had a septoplasty? I’m due to have surgery on the 1st march, septoplasty, turboplasty, Adanoids and drainage and I’m very nervous. What was it like? What was recovery like etc…
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I had septo and turbo. You have to sleep upright for a few days and you can’t breathe out of your nose which was a struggle for me as I’m a nose breather and side sleeper. Had dressing on for 3ish days I think, no bruising just swelling. Wasn’t massively painful, just uncomfortable x p.s I didn’t have a baby at the time, so can’t comment on recovery whilst taking care of a little one x

And… I have had no complications since, however, I had it done in 2020 and have started getting sinus infections/pain and headaches again the past few months. X

@Aps yeh I’m having 4 procedures but I have a badly broken nose so I’ve not been able to breath out of my nose ever. What was being put to sleep like ? Xx

@Georgia Landells absolutely fine, but I have been put to sleep before so I knew what to expect. Good luck, I hope it all goes well! xx

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