Baby won’t take bottle from me

Hi all, can babies tell who is feeding them? My baby is 6 weeks old and will absolutely refuse the bottle if I try to feed her (I pump), but will happily take the bottle when her dad feeds her. It’s almost like she knows I’m the ‘milk producer’ she will only breastfeed with me. I don’t know if it’s in my head or if they can actually tell.
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I haven’t tried bottle feeding yet but my health visitor said it’s very common for babies not to take the bottle from mum if they’re used to breastfeeding!

Okay. That helps. Atleast I know it’s not all in my head

They can tell.if you're breastfeeding - they can smell you and the milk so they expect it to come from you not the bottle

My eldest would only take a bottle if I wasn’t in the house 🙈 don’t know how he knew but he always did. He did eventually let me bottle feed him expressed milk after we started weaning.

One thing that can help is trying to feed her in a different position to how you’d normally breast feed. Babies are creatures of habit and if you’re holding her how she normally breast feeds she is going to expect the breast, especially if she can smell your milk

I’m glad to see that it’s quite common

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