Bleeding during a transvaginal scan

I had a scan today (7weeks 4 days), we saw baby - strong heartbeat, the right size and in the right place. However it was fairly painful and as soon as the sonographer removed the probe there was a pool of red blood. Through-out the day it’s stopped actively bleeding and became a brown discharge but I’m wondering has anyone else experienced this and had their pregnancy continue fine? Any ideas what it could be. I’m trying to not panic but I can’t stop crying.
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Did they tell you anything there at the doctors office? If they said everything was okay I’d really lean on that and trust/have some faith in that your body and baby are okay. I will say without the probing scan I was already spotting from weeks 4-about week 9 maybe 10…? And it was scary for me because I’d had a miscarriage before already, so I was paranoid 24/7. I’m 27 weeks now and my baby is doing just fine :) if that brings you any comfort

if babys fine then ul be fine i was having brown discharge at 7weeks its just were baby is staying and now old blood cumming away btw they shud if given u a normal can not a transvaginal 1 coz u can c heartbeat

It sounds like the sonographer got too close to your cervix and has made it bleed. Internal scans hurt me and can make me bleed if they push the probe against my cervix. Try not to worry :) x

@J 🌈💗 really? It’s never been painful but this felt very uncomfortable! I’m still having brown discharge 9 hours later - did you have that too xx

It can be quite common for some women to bleed from transvaginal scans, I always have x

@Beatriz of course, they said they may have irritated the cervix which can cause bleeding as it’s sensitive

@Amelia oh really?! For me the main bleed was during/straight after the scan. Scan was at 10am and now it’s just brown discharge. Not bleed to that extent since. Would you say your experience is similar! Did they say why?

Yes it can be very sensitive during pregnancy in the early and later days even sex can make you spot usually it's nothing to worry about you will likely still get some spotting till 12 weeks ♥️

I had spotting the night after my first transvaginal scan at 7 weeks, it terrified me since I wasn’t expecting it but we’re now at 19 weeks and going strong

I had spotting after transvaginal exam made me regret having it done I had an ultrasound 2 weeks later and everything was fine he is 3 month now. Made me panic tho as prior to this had two miscarriages. Have a 3 month old now but future pregnancies I will wait fr tummy scan as unknown it's scary seeing spotting and bleeding

I’ve just now allowed them to even do one on me at 20wks. I declined it before my anatomy scan. I get how it’s important but I also feel it can wait so they aren’t putting us through any more than we have to go through during this time like being afraid of how that scan may harm our baby etc. I really hate you are having to go through this worry right now😞

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