I feel terrible. Baby fell off the sofa for the first time tonight. We have a hard floor and she cried a lot bless her,slight red mark on forehead but no lumps/bumps that I can see. Or sofa isn’t that high at all but I still feel awful for it Do I need to take her to a&e??? She eventually started seeming herself after she stopped crying and drank her bottle and is now asleep on me as it’s her bed time
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Oh bless you. I think they say is the distance is the same as baby's height should be OK. Call 111 if you're still concerned for advice

If no bump your fine. I'm sure it's n inwards bump your meant to worry about my first was a proper dare devil and so fast when he was little he climbed on the arm chair and we had his pram next to it. I stood up and started walking to him he got excited and jumped head first off it hit his eye on the bitbthat sticks out tonchanhe the wheels to swivel. His eye was huge and he had such a bad black eye. I took him in got him checked and they said he was fine as long as he wasn't sick x

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