Has anyone had a gender scan where they refused to write the gender down for you? I’ve had a few people say they can’t or won’t and me and my partner are so set on having this happen so we can let our friend sort stuff for our gender reveal… would be a shame if we couldn’t do as planned but just wanting to hear peoples experience really?! (An NHS scan not private)
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It says on the letters for the NHS scans that they won't write the gender down on paper for you hun, only private scans do

@Nikita oh what?! I’ve had a letter but online sent to me and it doesn’t mention that at all?!

@Jade that's really odd, maybe worth ringing your ultrasound department and ask them about it then hun x

@Nikita will do! Thanks!🙈

Had my nhs scan yesterday and was told that they can tell you, but not write it down. We're having a private gender scan in 2 weeks

@Sabrina looking like we’re gonna have to find out then reveal it to everyone 🙃🫠 thank you!x

Yeh NHS won't write it down, can only do that if it's a private scan x

My brother and his partner couldn't have it wrote down however the midwife did tell me over the phone? Maybe worth asking if the midwife could tell your friend on the phone the sex when you arent in the room? I had a private scan to find out the sex of my baby but the scan clinic would have put it in an envelope had we not wanted to know xx

@Nicola that’s a great idea! I will keep that in mind, thanks 😁

I think it all depends on hospital trust I had my NHS anatomy scan on Monday and they were more than happy to write it down for us!

In my information prior to the scan for my hospital they say they are happy to write it down so I think it just depends

I had mine yesterday with nhs and she did write it down on a paper for me x

NHS scan we went to and asked them to write it down for us and they did x

I went for my 20 weeks scan at nhs and they didn’t have a problem writing it down for me! I’m sorry they are being difficult with you 😰

I went for my 19 week scan today and we asked if she could write it down for us and she said they won’t do that because if it’s not 100% they can get sued if given wrong about the gender which we was slightly disappointed but she said if she can she is happy to tell us instead

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