How to get my breastfed baby to take a bottle?

Hey 👋 My baby is 9 weeks old and I’ve been breastfeeding since she was born. She used to get breast milk in a bottle when family wanted to feed her for the first few weeks but then for the last few weeks she’s just been feeding from me and now she won’t take a bottle 😩 I’m just worried because the dr said I can go back to the gym in march but if she won’t take a bottle I won’t be able to leave her, has anybody got any recommendations on how I can get her to take a bottle? She has taken a few ounces from the mam bottles but then refuses and wants the boob and today won’t even take any from a tommee tippee (I thought I’d try a different brand bottle) Any recommendations much appreciated 🫶🏻
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I think keep trying different brands. Google, which bottle is closest to a real nipple that may help.

We have just gone though this! The lansinoh bottle is the best one we have found and she likes it too, it took a few weeks of persistence everyday giving her only 2oz at a time for her to get used it from my partner and we have gradually increased to 4oz happily with no tears - we found she took it best waking from a nap and not realising it wasn’t a boob ☺️

Just wondering if it’s you giving her the bottle? I had to let someone else bottle feed my baby until she was used to it as she knew I was there and could smell my milk so wanted the breast instead but would take it off my partner and parents no problem. After a few bottles she was then fine to take it off me x

Try the comotomo bottle that’s the only bottle my baby took and when you do find a bottle I would feed them from it atleast once a day or twice a day and let sombody els do it because they know you have milk my baby never really let me feed her from the bottle just boob

If she was taking that bottle before it might not be the bottle brand. I have to be out of the room and out of sight for my hisband to give my baby the bottle. She typically will drink it more often after waking up from a nap otherwise she may refuse it or only drink a little. I go back to work so were trying to do one bottle a day minimum so she gets used to it because like you when im home i typically just breastfeed on demand.

Thanks so much everyone 🙏 I’ve still been trying her with the bottle once a day but she wont take it at all now 😩 I am going to buy new bottles and just keep trying everyday hopefully she will get used to it soon!

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