need help asap

my daughters started waking up at stupid o’clock in the morning between 1-4 and having a massive meltdown when we tell her to go back to bed. she’s then waking up again between 5-6 and refuses to go back to bed we’ve tried everything but she just screams her head off and bangs her bed against the wall. she’s started waking her baby brother up aswell with her behaviour. we live in a block of flats so have people with kids under us and people with kids to the side of us and ik she’s waking them up to and i feel horrible. we’ve tried everything we can think of but the only way she’ll calm down is when she’s outta her room. we even tried letting her sleep with us but she doesn’t go back to sleep she just does everything she can to wake her brother up. between the late nights with my son and the early mornings with my daughter i’m getting about 2-3 hours of uninterrupted sleep and i can’t do it anymore. video to show what’s she’s like and it’s all the time every day
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Hi Sophie, I am no expert but also a mum to a baby and a 2020 girl. From what you are saying it seems your daughter is extremely jealous and wants your attention. Furthermore, she could be waking up due to night terrors. My question to you is: does she behave like this if the baby is not around? Maybe you could try to get someone to care for the baby for a few nights so that you can be with her until the situation settles? Just an idea in case you have not tried it yet. Lots of strength, sleep deprivation is very very hard.

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