20 week scan

Hey, I’ve just had my 20 weeks scan and found out that I have a low lying anterior placenta 😩 I asked if this means I’m more likely to need a section again and he said if it doesn’t move then that will be the only option basically but need to check it isn’t attached to the previous scar. I have to go back at 36 weeks for a placenta check. I’ve come away feeling very deflated as I had my heart set on a natural delivery this time. Has anyone had this and it’s moved in time?
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i got told at 20 weeks it was low lying and by 24 weeks it moved up. in majority of cases it will just move up as your bump grows! x

Mine moved up x

I also am faced with a low lying anterior placenta! I’m being rescanned at 32 to see if it’s moved, but was told it’s apparently more likely to move when it’s anterior? clinging onto hope🤣x

This is reassuring- I’m keeping everything crossed it moves up xx

I was told I had a low lying placenta around week 12 or 16. I go for scans every 4 weeks because my pregnancy is considered high risk. At 21 weeks they told me that my placenta moved up. Most of the time it does move up. As baby grows it kinda moves with baby from what I understand. Did they tell you how far from your cervix it is? Also did they check with a full and empty bladder? At my anatomy scan they checked with a full and empty. For some reason when it was full it showed it was low but empty bladder showed it was high. I'm almost 32 weeks now.

@Debra he didn’t specify how close it was but I got the impression it was pretty close cos I remember asking “does that mean I’ll need another section” cos then he said if it doesn’t move up then yeah but also the consultant which I’m due to see next week for a previous section will need to assess if it’s attached to my old scar. They didn’t rescan with a an empty bladder no. I’ve been getting quite achy in that region especially at night when I’m lying on my back but I guess that makes sense now if my placenta is there I’m probably pulling it lying down on my back that with the baby lying on it at times too x

@Yasmin hopefully it moves up by your next scan! Sending you lots of positive vibes for that potential vbac.

Hi guys! Can we ask for a sooner scan at NHS to check on our placenta movement before 32 weeks?

@Janine no, I did also wonder this but they won’t, purely because if it hasn’t moved they have to do it again x

@Janine I don’t think so, they just said someone will be in touch within 10 days to book in a scan. He said during the scan it’ll be around 36 week’s I presume they’ll try and book my scan and consultant at the same time as well need to discuss options for delivery around then anyway without the added placenta scan needed xx

It can be quite common for the placenta to move with the pregnancy. It’ll never change position but think of it as a dot on a balloon, the more the balloon inflates, the higher up the dot gets. On some occasions, of course, it can still be low lying but at 36 weeks it’s in hopes that it will have moved out of the way. Fingers crossed for you lovely🤍

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