Foetal medicine scan

What’s the difference between the usually sonographs we have compared to the foetal medicine ones? I’m booked in for one in April to check my placenta position 🙈
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I think it’s all just down to their qualifications/experience. The Sonographer’s I used to work with in a private clinic varied depending on their levels. Some were midwife Sonographers, some were radiographer sonographers etc. Each have their own speciality area of sonography. If you are past 30 weeks (I think it is) the scan should be internal if the placenta is low lying/placenta previa which some Sonographer’s don’t perform x

@Vicky ahh thank you for clarifying this ❤️ I’ll be 25 weeks I think when I’m due the scan so will just have to wait and see what they say and do 🙈 xx

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