Fell asleep breastfeeding

I’m actually mortified as I have just woken up and I was holding my daughter but she had slipped down and her head was slightly under the duvet. She was absolutely roasting and I have no idea how long she was there for! She seems fine now and has fed some more and cooled down. Tbh I don’t even remember picking her up to feed. I keep thinking imagine if it had been worse and now I can’t stop crying. I’m exclusively BF at the min and I’m absolutely exhausted… coming from someone who is terrified of SIDS and all the other things and extremely anxious at the minute as it is 😩
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It’s ok you’re definitely not the only one this has happened to 🩷 it is exhausting but it will get easier x

Please don’t put any extra stress on yourself. You are definitely not alone in this. Cuddle your baby and give her a kiss. You are doing your absolute best in this chapter of your life and it WILL all be alright xx

I actually find consleeping ornside carring a cot is better for BF babies, what i would say is follow safesleep7 now and if it happens again you have all the necessary precautions to prevent anything happening, my baby we bedshared since 6 weeks, sje managed to pull her blanket over her face and luckily I woke up, I.ripped the blanket off and she just let out this massive breathe, scared the absolute shit out-of me, she's fine and a healthy 17m old now xx

My boy is just over a week old and I've lost count of the amount of times I've fell asleep while feeding. It happens when you're exhausted from lack of sleep, don't worry. Maybe just mkse sure the duvet is nowhere near next time so if you do fall asleep that's not a risk.

When I'm feeding through the night I prop myself up on plenty of cushions so I'm basically sat up and have a cushion to the side to rest my arm/ baby on, that way if I fall asleep she is safely propped up and can't really slip down. I've fell asleep a couple of times too and she hasn't moved, it's exhausting at times so don't feel bad. It will get easier x

I have a 12 day old and have definitely fallen asleep whilst feeding. We’re going Combi so it’s bottle feeding but with breast milk/formula. Try not to sweat it x

When you feeding in bed holding her? Try laying her down beside you to feed and set an alarm so if you feed and fall asleep you're woke up and put her back in crib

Have a look on the lullaby trust, they have info on the safest way of co sleeping and that way if you do fall asleep you know bubba is okay🥰 Alternatively, have you got anyone helping you? Could you take it in turns to stay up and watch bubba BF? It’s exhausting doing all the feeds by yourself so try and get some rest where you can x

I had the same thing happen with my first baby on Christmas morning try not to beat yourself up! I now lie on my side, make sure she’s in the middle of the bed and pull the duvet back as far away from her as I can, so if I do fall asleep she’s safe x

Thank you everyone. It really upset me and has made me feel sick all day. I try so hard to practice safe sleep so the fact this happened and I don’t even remember it scared me so much. I think going forward I will feed her lying down like so many of you suggested… thank you xx

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