there's always something to be need done, I barely sleep and I feel like nothing gets done it's like nothing changes, I don't like how my husband comes home and sit around, I get it he worked all day I just feel like he doesn't help, the only times he does he just lay down on the couch and put them to sleep, I can't have hobbies, I can't even take a fucking shower, can't do laundry at all because my husband keeps leaving his stuff everywhere in the house, like just now I had to throw his computer towers onto the porch because he left his shit on a chair and our toddler decided to get into while I'm trying to tend to the baby, every time I tell him I want to get rid of something (like a suit case for the example) he thinks we need it for something or he wants it same thing goes for my bil (he lives with us) he buys shit off of online thinking we want it or we need it we have so many dangerous shit in this house(like throwing knives for example) i don't know what to do at this point like i have no family to fall back on no friends it's like my husband shuts off once hes home like he puts in ear buds and watch tiktok when he gets home until he goes to bed😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨, I'm tired, in need to have a break and even a shower😭
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Honestly, I could have written this a week ago. I was in the exact same boat (minus BIL add co-parenting 2 step kids) I told my partner straight "I'm not coping so things need to change" it's been an ongoing conversation since while we figure out how he can best lighten the load but he's trying. I let it stew for months as I hate conflict, but once the band-aid was ripped off, things got better almost immediately. The way I see it, it can go 2 ways. You have the conversation, and he shapes up or he doesn't and you leave to do it on your own without the 2 big babies, making it harder for you.

@Amy I don't think I could leave if I wanted too no job no one can watch the kids(bil) I know I won't be able to make it out on my own with 2 kids

Girl sounds scarily similar to my life! Feel free to dm me and we can rant on the reg and I can share my ideas for escape!

@Erin wish you were closer to me🥹

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