no feelings toward s/o

every since i’ve had my baby (5 weeks) i just haven’t had any feelings or much love towards my boyfriend. i feel like i’ve fallen out of love or something. i don’t really like it when he touches me either. has anyone else experienced this for a while or is this falling out of love ?
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that’s how i feel ! i was wondering the same thing . cause i hate being touched now too and i had my baby 5 weeks ago

Your body and mind has gone through a lot in the past few weeks. Your probably on fulltime Mommy mode as well. I would bet it goes hand in hand with the feeling of resenting and being disgusted by your partner when your pregnant lol.

I still love my bf but I have lots of jealousy towards him which makes me pull away sometimes.. to the point that yeah I don’t want to be touched. It comes and goes. Does he not help with the baby?

@Betty he tries to he does work like 10-12 hr shifts but the time he has with her, he just falls asleep. and i get like 3-4 hrs max.

I’ve heard that as long as your relationship was good and healthy before, people say not to make any permanent decisions about your life in the first year of parenthood as it’s the biggest transition of your life

Yep, ever since I became pregnant, and I'm still trying to understand it..

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