Does teething cause low grade fevers?

My 1 year old has had a low grade fever the last 2 days only in the afternoon/evening between 99.4-100. No other symptoms other than fussy and clingy. He’s still eating and drinking normally. Normal poos and pees. I gave him a cold teether ring and used a silicone baby tooth brush on his teeth and he seemed to like that so I was wondering if teething could cause a low grade fever.
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Technically they say no. But for my babies it did.

Just to add, he has the 4 front teeth on top and 2 front teeth on bottom and that’s it. He’s 15 months old.

Yes it can cause a low grade fever

Yes for low grade fever but not above 100.4

@Cennet yeah the highest it has gotten is 100 on the dot. Before I put him to bed it was 99.6. I gave him Motrin to help with any discomfort.

They say it does. Dont worry for a moment

Yes. The only time I worry about low grade is when my baby isn’t acting her normal self.

@Felisha he’s acting normal as far as eating and still wanting to play, but he’s wanting to take an extra nap in the evening and is very clingy. I’m sure that could just be the teething making him want cuddles.

it very well could be. My daughter has been extra clingy also since her teeth have started coming in.

I just asked this question! We have had a low grade fever over here for the past two days. I'm thinking teething since she keeps crying and pointing to her mouth.

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