TMI - vaginal boils

Did anyone else get vaginal boils I mean LOADS, on the lips and inside 2 weeks after childbirth? I had an episiotomy and my stitches have been healing well till last Friday where I got one boil and they’ve soon multiplied and now my downstairs is covered in them 😳
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I had one on my bikini line (I had a c-section) it was so painful! You’ve just gotta let them drain themselves, you can speed up the process by putting a hot flannel on the area and they’ll soon burst - but you’ve gotta keep the area clean - I used dettol tcp every day to disinfect the area. It’s not come back since so that’s a relief! If it doesn’t get better you may have to get some antibiotics to help clear it up x

Iv suffered woth them my whole life and since being pregnant they are so much worse

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