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How do you decide on whether to have a second child or not. I mean motherhood has been hard, since I'm in a different country I don't have any family near me. I was actually working remote for until my little girl turned 10 months , and then I had to quit because I couldn't do it anymore because they require me to travel. So now i'm just wondering whether how to decide if I should have another child or if I'm not prepared and I should just stay with the one
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I think it's best to have a second child cuz your child will be alone

Talk to your partner or husband about it

@Tara that is a shitty reason to say.. don't try guilt-tripping someone into having another child.

Did you not discuss how many children you wanted before marrying your husband?

@Alice things change. they may have decided on just 1 but after having 1 deciding 2 would be nice.

@Riley that’s the reason I’m not jus having one child

@Kaylee same for me, I went from not wanting any, to having one, to now wanting at least 2 lol

My husband and I just felt our family wasn’t complete and we wanted another. We waited until we felt mentally and practically ready to try and that happened to be when our first was 2. Our second was born just before our first turned 3 and it was great for us. We’re done now (99.9% haha) because mentally we are at our limit, I’m 32 and we’d love to just raise these babes and not start again. But it was all based off of feelings and practicality. There’s pros and cons to all of the options and it’s what is best for you and your situation

We want another one, it's just since my first one has just turned one, we haven't faced the financial struggle I'd paying out daycare or preschool or any of that, I'm just concerned it will be overwhelming

I can't really help but just to counter some of the above comments, I am a lone child, and I am beyond happy that way 😂 so don't base it on that.

For anyone worrying that if they don't have a second child then their first (and only) child will be alone, remember this is an awful reason to have another baby. Not all siblings get along. Some are a drain on the other for life. For some, it's best to choose your family. Just something to think about. Don't assume having a sibling will be a positive experience. I mean, hopefully it would be, but there are plenty of instances where that's absolutely not the case and it's more of a burden. Deciding to have a second child must absolutely be for a better reason than that thought alone.

@Lisa completely agree! I was an only child for the first 8 years of my life then my dad had another baby in a different country I still was an only child as they rarely visited and then I moved in with them at 13 and it was a drain on my soul and I longed to be an only child in the house again! I moved back to my mum's and she'd had my brother while i lived abroad and the 13 year age gap was okay but it made me want to move out asap and meant I'd work late shifts to avoid being home as much as possible. Don't get me wrong I love my brother to bits and love spending time with him now we are both a lot older but I was definitely made to be an only child growing up

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