Baby growing up

Does anyone else feel absolutely heartbroken to have an almost 6 month old? I adore watching my boy grow and every minute with him is such a joy. But I can’t help but feel soooo sad that he isn’t my tiny baby anymore. Does anyone else feel this or am I just weird? Hahah
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Yes, time is going so fast, I can't believe it some days, I wish it would slow down x

@Emily it really is! Honestly can’t cope with the rollercoaster of emotions 😂 x

Yes, I watch my girl sat playing with her toys and I’m like I literally had you the other day. Introducing real feeds to her. It’s just such a surreal feeling. Halfway to one!

Same but at the same time what a joy to have all these laughs and see his personality showing up and discovering him everyday 🥹❤️🥲

It really is such a rollercoaster of emotions isn’t it?

Yes! I’m grateful she’s happy and healthy. I’m loving watching her thrive and turn into her own little person, learning new things. But it’s all going so fast, I wish I could put time in slow motion 😂. Feels like I only gave birth yesterday to this tiny little 6lb 7oz baby that’s now almost 6mo!

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