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What’s the story behind your babies names? 💕
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My daughters name is Alaiya , she’s named after me 👯‍♀️💖

My son is named after his grandfather- my husband’s father. We named him after his grandpa because he died when my husband was very young.

My Daughter is called Tala. Tala is a Filipino name 🇵🇭 (I’m half Filipino) and means “Bright Star” 🌟 Tala is our rainbow baby 🌈, I have two heaven babies 👼🏼👼🏼.

My daughter name is rose Mary my bf and I have a stuffie named Rosie and so that’s where rose came from and Mary bc her grandmother who’s my very best friend almost like a sister to me name is Mary Elizabeth

My daughter’s name is Raelyn. My husband liked the name from the show Justified. It’s spelt different but she’s named after a tv character 🤣

Olive was my great grandmothers name

My daughters name is Hazel, which means Ela in Turkish (my name 😄)

My daughter is called Aurora. Sleeping Beauty was the first Disney film that I saved up my own money for and bought on vhs when I was little. I use to watch it over and over and always loved the name.

My daughters name was inspired by a character from my favourite video game- just spelt a little differently from the actual character 😂

Our daughters name is Alice. It was a really hard time trying to find a match for both of us. One day I suggested it and he said no. I kept thinking about this name. Few days later, we were driving and almost home he stopped the car and said : I think it is an Alice. I can totally imagine her now as an Alice 🥰

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