Breast milk

I have a big freezer stash of breast milk. Anybody know where I can donate this? Or anyone in need of breast milk?
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There's a Facebook group called human milk for human babies. I'm sure you could donate there!

Tiny treasures

If you are dairy free i could definitely use it!

Message me?

Where are you located ?

@Nae I’m sorry! I’m very inconsistent with staying away from dairy so I’m not 100% dairy free

@Qui California!

Any tips on how you created your over supply?

@Nae from the very beginning I had an oversupply without doing anything! However now I do maintain my milk supply with pumping, body armors and oatmeals! I exclusively breastfeed and whatever I pump is just extra on the side.

Can you ship to ohio? Can you message me? I found out you can in fact ship frozen breast milk but you have to use dry ice!!!

You can donate your milk to the Mother’s Milk Bank. Here’s website I also have oversupply, so I’ve donated about 1500 ounces there.

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