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How much information do you get from your daycare about your baby’s day? My little girl just started after her 1st bday this week and all I get is this piece of paper and some word of mouth from the lady who handles drop off/pick up. I’m really struggling not knowing what her day looked like, what kind of things she did, how long her nap was. I don’t get any pictures and some of my friends do from their daycares. We’ve had her at home while we worked until now but it was becoming too much but now I’m questioning everything and I’m spiraling. I feel like I’m leaving my baby with strangers and have no idea how her day really was and what she did.
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My daughter doesn’t go to daycare but I used to work at one. We had a digital form with about the same info as this, a spot to upload photos, as well as cameras that parents had access to

@Mariah I think if I had access to cameras or even just a picture here or there I’d feel so much better 😢 i just feel so disconnected from her day. Her report today just said “she had an emotional day today” and nothing else. The drop off lady said oh it was just nap time she was fine otherwise. But previous days explicitly said emotional at nap time. The drop off person isn’t in her room all day but it is a relatively small daycare. Either way idk what to believe and not knowing how my baby’s day was or what she did is killing me

I’m the director of a daycare and we have live cameras and an app where the teachers post updates/photos throughout the day. I would not be satisfied with a piece of paper 😅

@Tori I don’t blame you honestly, personally I’d prefer a place with more communication 😣

@Samantha it’s hard cuz the kids all looked like they were having so much fun when we toured and I’ve seen the preschoolers running up to go inside during drop off, and the employees all seem very nice, but I’m having such trust/control issues. Other places we toured we didn’t like and most of them didn’t have an app or picture/video access either unless were willing to start driving like a half hour each way for drop off/pickup. 😭

@Tori I totally get it! But just because they don’t have an app or cameras doesn’t mean it’s not a great place! Are the teachers allowed to have their phones? Maybe you could give one of them your cell (if you feel comfortable) and see if they could text you pictures?

@Samantha I’m not sure but I think I’m going to talk to them tomorrow and ask if there’s any way I can get like a picture or two here and there, at least while we both adjust, or if there’s any other way I can feel more connected with updates while we both get used to her transition 😢😢 My husband said to ask if we could pay like $100 extra a month to get a few photo updates but that feels tacky and inappropriate to me 😬

@Tori Yeah I would definitely just talk to them and see what your options are for more communication/updates. If they completely shut you down then I would personally take that as a bad sign and look for care elsewhere. But if they are open and willing to work with you then I would take that as a good sign!

We have a pro care app where it tells up every thing she does and when. Plus there are cameras I can see her anytime.

Thanks everyone. I talked to them on drop off and her teacher was even out there so I got to talk to her for a minute. They won’t send me pics cuz they don’t want parents having teachers numbers, which I get, but they said they’d snap some and show me on their phones at pickup, and told me to call as often as I want for updates and stuff. I feel like if I get more touch points with her teacher, if she helps with drop off/pickup sometimes, that’ll help me some as well so it’s not as much heresay about how her day was.

That's about all I got. We had the nap time start and finish but the not at the bottom was more then I got for my son. He daycare now is digital but it's the same information. It's hard at first when they cant twll you about there day but try and get to know staff and ask questions. We never got photos and no access to the camera, but I would rather not see what's going on then have no idea who could be tuning into my kids day

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