Suddenly waking in the night for milk

Anyone else’s baby who’s slept through the night for months now suddenly waking for feeds? Our little girl has been sleeping through since 2 months old, even through the ‘4 month regression’ but now has suddenly been waking at least once in the night for a feed. I understand it’s coming up to 6 months so could be another regression but could she be ready for solids a little early?
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That’s not a sign she needs more food during the day. Sleep patterns change and so do baby’s needs. She’s less than 12 months old so I would anticipate it changing again. Good luck to 8 months 😭

My baby has started to wake during the night as well 😌x

My baby has started to wake in the night after sleeping through too! Booo lol

It’s not a sign they’re ready for solids, its probably just a growth spurt

Same here! 🥴

We used to get 7/8 hours and now down to waking every 2 last night 😭😬🙈

My baby gas woken up a couple of times this week to practice new skills! Like rolling 😅 but also sleep needs do change, and we recently changed from 12 hours night time sleep to 11

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