Swaddling and rolling

My 4 month old son learned to roll very early but will only sleep soundly if his arms are tucked tight by his sides. He always whacks himself in the face and wakes himself up. As of right now, he wiggles enough to turn himself sideways in the bassinet but he can't flip himself over as far as I'm aware. Is it wrong to keep swaddling him? He's comfy. We also use the owelet sock for emergencies
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I would start transitioning out of the swaddle! Maybe start with leaving one hand free.

I would start taking him out of the swaddle too. Research says it can affect future milestones like crawling , sit to stand and walking . One hand out first is a good place to start with .

I ripped the bandaid off two nights ago with a transitional arms-up swaddle and it went better than expected. Do everything else the same in your bedtime routine except the swaddle. Make a plan with your partner for tag-teaming to soothe the baby, you’ll get through it!

@Mugdha my 5 month old doesn’t roll (only on occasion accidentally)- do you think I should still stop swaddling him? I’ve been going back and forth between a transitional swaddle during the day naps and a regular swaddle at night.

We use the merlin magic sleepsuit, which says you can use it until baby rolls in it (he is also already rolling during the day). My baby loved to be swaddled before and has done even better with the sleep suite. He sleeps 9pm-5am straight before waking up to feed and going back down 2 more hours. Once he starts showing signs of more mobility in it, we will transition to their sleep sack.

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