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So, I’ve been trying the Ferber method to sleep train my son (officially 6 months in a few days) but he literally starts screaming before the 5 minutes is up, and I can’t calm him down without picking him up. Idk if I can keep up with this, does anyone have a solution or advice?
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So with Ferber, you are giving them to space to learn how to calm themselves while reassuring them that you are there to support them. That is why you give them extended periods of time between check ins. Check ins are not specifically for calming them down, just to reassure. For some babies it actually does the opposite and can make them more upset

Idk girl I tried but I couldn’t do it

@Cindy did you find anything that worked?

I only did two night of Ferber and today will be my third night trying to sleep train her. I watched a video where she said you put your baby down and try to comfort crib side. If baby doesn’t calm down and is crying a lot you can pick them up walk around and calm them down. Once they’re calm you put them back down. She said she caps it at 40 minutes. If after 40 minutes they don’t sleep then you put them to sleep however they usually go to sleep. And slowly each time you help them a little less. It takes much longer much it’s much gentler on them. This is what I’m going to start doing because I just can’t I feel so bad seeing her cry that much. She cries so hard.

I can let you know how it goes tonight and how long it takes her to fall asleep?

@Cindy thank you, I think this is exactly the information I needed❤️

@Evie no worries mama I’ve been struggling really hard to find something gentle but that also makes progress. I hate having them cry and it just didn’t feel right to me

Sleep training didn't work for my son. We got a Montessori floor bed and I stay with him till he falls asleep and then I get out.

@Evie we were traveling so baby had a much later bed time and she got down so much faster and so many less tears. I know it’s going to take a while before she’s putting herself down and I’m going to have to help her a little less each time but I swear she knew I was going to be there for her and I felt so much better about this way in my heart

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