Postpartum anxiety

I seem to have some type of postpartum anxiety or depression. My mind constantly worries about the worst case scenario. Anyone having/had the same issue? Any remedies to help? Also, did anyone get medication for it? If so, did your OB prescribe or psychiatrist? Hoping this goes away soon.
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I’m also in the same situation. I’m heading to the doctors tomorrow to try figure out how to get this figured out.

Me too. Facebook blew up my news feed with information about NEC how it's linked to certain formulas but i think this was 1 year ago but it does at times worry me

@🌻GWEN🌻 are you going to your OBGYN?

@Heather yes!!! Social media has ruined my postpartum mental health.

I went to my primary care. She put me on anxiety and depression meds. I struggle with both.

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