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If you're breastfeed babies eat right before bed to fall asleep how long does it typically take them to let go? I don't necessarily mean how long it takes for them to stop eating but how long until they release your nipple? My son always eats before going down for the night and he always eats for a pretty long time, I'm talking like an 1 hr+ but he also falls in and out of sleep during pretty much every feed which is why I think he takes so long lol. But anyway, he'll be done eating and entirely knocked out but just won't let go of my nipple for maybe another hour or more. And if I try to release it he wakes up and cries until I put him back on. So do your babies do this and if they do how long does it take? Oh and if anyone has any tips to get him to release sooner that'd be great lol
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@klaudie same, I gently pull my boob away whilst patting bum

How are you getting him off the nipple? It might not help but if you're just pulling straight off, try just putting a bit of pressure on the side of your nipple so the suction releases but the nipple is still in his mouth. Then if he doesn't stir you can take it out slowly.

Sounds like he's just using your nipple to comfort like a dummy rather than feeding at end of feed. My baby feeds for half hour and then let's go but my son would of stayed on forever if I let him 😅 but I do use a dummy with my daughter didn't with my son but use your pinky finger and just release his suction and he should hopefully stay asleep

I do what Steph has described. I make sure she is asleep, press a little on the side of my nipple to release the suction and really slowly and gently pull it out of her mouth and she stays asleep. If she wakes up, I pop it back in and try again a few mins later

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