Sex after episiotomy

I'm 11 weeks PP and haven't had sex with my husband yet. Due to complications, I ended up having an episiotomy and ventouse during labour. While healing, my stitches never felt great but midwives said they were healing fine. My GP also confirmed everything seemed alright, although I do still get twinges and think I have some lumps from scar tissue. Honestly, I haven't looked down there myself yet as I'm a bit nervous to do so (which probably sounds a bit ridiculous!) We have been intimate in other ways, but haven't managed to have sex yet. I think the main factor is that I'm completely scared/nervous to in case it hurts. I'm hoping someone else may have been in a similar position and can offer some advice on how they coped with sex the first time after an episiotomy! (P.S my husband has been completely understanding so I'm not under pressure) x
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Hi, I had a similar experience as you! I didn’t have full penetrative sex until I was around 6 months pp. That’s when my vagina started to feel fully healed. Also, pelvic floor therapy helped a lot with being more comfortable with intimacy after birth. Everyone is different, obviously, but it’s great that your partner is understanding! Just listen to your body, and when you are ready to try, LOTS of lube.

Also had an episiotomy and a 2nd degree tear so was anxious about it being painful and it was a little uncomfortable the first time, as kristi said lots of lube and see how it goes. I know the first time we tried and it didn’t last very long as I wasn’t comfortable enough but then the second time felt a lot more ‘normal’ and I was much more relaxed about it. Deffo have look at your scars I checked regularly as wanted to know how things were healing and where exactly it was x

I had a forceps delivery and an episiotomy. I healed relatively well but my stitches often felt tight. I still get slight achy pains down there from the scar stretching back out and I’m 6 weeks pp. My partner and I have been intimate and we did try penetration, just so I could see how it felt (and to help me not spend too long being anxious about it) and this was around week 4. Honestly, it felt like normal for me. It didn’t hurt in the slightest but I was SUPER relaxed and extremely in the mood for it which I think helped the most. Try not think about it too much. Just start off with the intimacy you’re currently having and then let it naturally progress. Keep as relaxed as possible and it’ll honestly be okay ❤️ I would recommend having a look at the scars too. You might be shocked at how good they look and it’ll help you relax. Mine are barely visible now!

Take the pressure off. You don't need to have full sex if you're not ready for it yet! Keep doing other things to stay intimate and feel more comfortable

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