New Mom -Narcissist parents

Do you all feel that it's been harder to be a mother than your peers, having grown up in a Narcissistic household? If so, how has it been harder? Asking for a friend.
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I'm still pregnant with my first but I definitely feel this, I wished I had a different mother. I lived with my parents for a few months (until last week) to save money before baby comes. My brother and his girlfriend (I their 30s) get to sit at the comfy seats at the dining table while myself and my partner had to sit at the bar stools at the breakfast bar every night for dinner. The fact that I was pregnant just isn't even acknowledged, no one helped us move house. These are just some small examples, I could honestly go on and on but yes definitely more difficult than someone with a loving family.

I have lived with my mom since the day my son was born and both of my brothers told me when I turn 18 run and leave and I finally got my own apartment at 26 years old and became my own Representative payee for my social security money . Cause she was trying to control me and everything I do and she has said some fucked up things like I need to lose weight and growing up she never listened or even state down to talk about stuff and ever since I had my son who is going to be 6 years old she yells at him and calls him names and he has ASD aka autism spectrum disorder and told me I need to stop taking my meds and deal with my emotions the real way . When she is the main big cause as to why I'm on meds other then that I have bad anxiety .

I'm now 27 years old I'll be 28 in June and I have my own apartment and pay my own bills and she talks about me to people and says things that are not true and I'm trying to set boundaries and limits . My mom also chose drugs over her 3 kids and left us with our grandma tell all 3 of us went into different foster homes and I'm breaking all the general curses and removing trauma bonds and trying to protect mine and my son's peace and happiness .

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