Solid Foods Schedule?

Hey guys! I’ve been feeling my baby solid foods for about 2 months… and I have introduced chicken, oatmeal cereal, and lots of fruit and veggies. I am also still breastfeeding. I was wondering if any of you could share their schedules and/or all the food that you give your baby on a regular day! I also make her own food/purées at home.
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My baby eats when I eat! She eats with us at the table. My baby is 7months. My baby loves mashed potatoes and gravy😭

@Karla How have you introduced chicken to your LO? I've wanted to try but worry bc my LO has no teeth and I worry he'll choke.

@Elvia blended it with the broth

@Elvia yes, that’s how I did it. Blended with the broth!

My little one (7m) eats twice a day around 11-1pm then at 3-5pm. I give her small snacks around late or in between (fruit (with pacifier feeder) or a rice rusks). I give her water, tea or juice (straw or sippy cup) while she eats. Then formula (bottle) to sleep i give her next milk in the morning twice or once depending on her sleep. But my little one loves purple sweet potato (we get it at the asian market) chicken and mushrooms. We just introduced yogurt to her she loves it. I blend her food so i usually mix stuff together whatever is in my fridge.

I give my little man his bottle then offer food after at least 3-4 times a day and when he’s eating his food, sometimes if he’s super hungry I’ll give him some food before his bottle while it’s warming, if he needs a drink while he’s eating he has a sippy cup of water, my LO just turned 7 months yesterday

I do a combination of BLW and purees, thankfully my BB is not a picky eater and will shove anything into his mouth 😂. We have done most fruits and veggies, pieces of turkey, meatballs (homemade) just mash it down with a fork, cooked carrots and homemade hummus, Greek yogurt, strips bananas or avocado rolled in almonds or walnuts, oatmeal, mango, salmon and cod. Today we're gonna do some peppers and sweet potatoes and lentils.

My girl (6m) 7am: bottle 10am: bottle 11am: food 2-3pm: bottle (depending on nap) 5pm: bottle 6pm: food 7:30pm: bottle

8am: Breastfeed or 6oz in bottle 11/12- 4oz of fruit or veggie with a little cereal and formula mixed in then I BF or give a bottle 3ish- Same as 11/12 From there whenever she lets me know shes hungry again i just BF alone or give water and a teething snack or fruit in a teether too. Her next meal of solids comes before bedtime during her night routine along with a bottle or I BF.

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