Oh my gosh someone please tell me how to get over the rolling through out the night!!

There’s been a lot of posts about rolling babies and how once they’re on their front you just leave them at this age. But what about those who can’t - or just won’t - roll back and then cry when they roll to their front?! Both baby and myself are awake from 4:00 onward bc they keep rolling onto their front as soon as they’re down in the cot and then wake up crying. She has rolled back a few times so I know she can do it but she won’t or doesn’t want to and then gets stuck screaming. I would be more than fine leaving her on her stomach or she sleeps well that way but she doesn’t so I have to get up a million times and roll her back to her back… only for her to roll to her front again and live in this cycle for the next 3 hours until it’s time to get up in the morning and neither of us has got any sleep 🙄 We do plenty of tummy time and practice rolling the other way during the day but it’s made zero difference. I was waiting for it to pass but it’s been weeks and getting worse if anything.
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How old is your baby? Keep practicing with her throughout the day. Even practice with her in her crib. Allow her some time in her crib alone so she can discover and explore. I know you’re going through it right now, and it seems frustrating, but it’ll pass. Just keep working with her and practice practice practice.

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