Foodies! Let’s play a GAME!!

What’s your favorite restaurant and what’s your favorite dish from that restaurant? Feel free to upload a pic of it(from the internet). I’ll go first. Not necessary food but Texas Roadhouse Rolls! Literally go there just for those!!
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Im in love with the crab alfrdo from Red Lobster along with their cheddar bay biscuits 😋

Texas Roadhouse rolls are definitely up there. I remember going there while I was pregnant once, think I must have eaten like 2 baskets of them myself 😅🤦‍♀️

Those rolls are the best. Has anyone managed to make the copycat ones? I have the recipe but haven’t tried to make them. I think the dough needs to sit overnight and I can never remember to start them.

@Melissa I haven’t been to red lobster in a while! Would love to try it!

@Jessica I got hooked on it during pregnancy too!!! lol!

@Kim I saw some online while looking for this picture! Now I would love to try to make it! I wonder if I would have the patience to let it sit though😅

Chain wise I love rock n roll sushi! The California roll is sooo good, but their creative unhealthy ones are where it’s at too 😂 I just wish the appetizers were better!

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