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I stopped breastfeeding after two weeks of feeding her after she was born. Because I had a c section and I had no appetite. I have my appetite back and I want to start breastfeeding again it’s been about a month since I stopped breastfeeding I need help on how to bring my milk supply up.
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Yu Can Try To Eat & Drink Things Like Oatmeal , Coconut Oil , Coconut Water , Body Armor & Etc Start Pumping , Look Up Different Type Of Pumping Sessions Yu Can Do . Make Sure Yu Have The Right Flange Size . Yu Can Also Hand Express .

It's Best To Be Very Consistent With It To Try & Build Yur Supply Back Up . Don't Do One Day Skip A Day & One Day Again . Mimic What Babies Do When They Eat . Starting At NB Stage They Eat Every 30 Mins - 1hr , Then They Eventually Cluster Feed , Then 1-2 Months Every 1-2 Hrs They Eat . Stuff Like That Is How Yu Would Pump

Yes, I Have Seen It Done Before With My Other Mom Friends ( Not Me ) It Just Takes Work & A Lot Of Patience ! Make Sure Yu Are Eating & Drinking Lots Of Fluids As Well .

Probably try home remedies to improve your supply i watch multiple videos on TikTok to be prepared if my supply goes out i plan on only breastfeeding 🤱

I couldn’t breastfeed at all, and started pumping once a day till about 10 weeks to keep my supply active so I wasn’t at nothing - but I found when I wanted to do it fully pumping every 2-3 hours got my supply up even if nothing came out to start with. Some sessions I was getting barely 10mls/ 0.3oz but you just have to keep doing it regularly. Once your body knows you’re trying to feed it will start making milk again. It took me about 2 months or so to make enough to cut out formula but I got there eventually. Power pumping once a day helps too. You just have to be mentally strong and not be disheartened when it takes time

Brewers Yeast is supposed to help with supply so you can buy some and look up lactation recipes (my sister and I made like protein balls and cookies with brewers yeast), consistency in breastfeeding as well as pumping, the body responds to supply and demand so you're showing your body there's a demand, your supply should come back

Supply and demand is really important. Try to latch baby as often as they will accept so your body can start signaling to try and make milk again

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