Sleep deprived

Any other moms still sleep deprived? I’m 7 months into being a mom now and my baby still wakes 2 or more times a night. I know its not a whole lot but i cant just fall right back asleep after she gets done feeding. It takes me forever and before i know it shes up again. Starting to feel like ill be forever sleep deprived 😭🙃 considering all these other moms i talk to say their baby sleeps 12 hours straight! Makes me feel like im doing something wrong!!
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Girl I’m convinced those moms are LYING 😭 There’s no way their small babies are sleeping 12 hours straight! Then again, so many moms swear by the cry it out method and/or they refuse to feed their babies at night and I could never bring myself to do either! 😩 I don’t know but this mama is tired too and my baby only wakes up once or twice a night as well.

I think it comes down to luck, honestly. Some babies sleep better than others, doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. I hope it gets better for you. 😕

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