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Having some anxiety my baby is 7 weeks and started off BF, day 5 she lost 12% of weight so we where doing bottles and BF. We now do BF with bottle top ups when needed. Her birth weight was 7lb and we had a HV check yesterday and she's now 8lb 4oz at just over 7 weeks. She dropped slightly on the chart they do but they where not worried. But im worried she's not putting on weight as fast as she should? Atm she doesn't seem as hungry as she did and would rather sleep but not sure if she's having a growth spurt. I just feel worried about it all
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Following (but my LO is 9 weeks old)

Have a look at daily weight gain as well as the centile lines- should be 20-30g per day from 0-4 months for the average breastfed baby. It such a worry :( If in doubt, I’d be putting her to the boob more often (mine feeds every hour) and trying to pump in between to boost supply up. But seek medical advice to be sure :)

@Sally thanks I'll keep offering it her, I was told not to let her go past 3-4 hr mark for a feed at the start but when she was back to birth weight they said as I'm feeding on demand that she will tell me when she needs feeding and I could leave her sleeping. Now I'm wondering if just to wake every 4-5 hrs if needed. Its only on odd few nights she slept like 5-6 hrs tbh x

It’s so worrying but all baby’s are different and your baby knows when she’s hungry, so will tell you when she needs to be fed. Sometimes these charts get in the way of trusting ourselves and our babies x

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