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Please can someone help and give me some advice don’t know what to do at this point but am exhausted !! My little had darted going to bed at 8-8:30 and wakes up at about 2 ish for feed but then will not go back to sleep and decides to keep stirring all night so am constantly awake rocking him don’t know what to do just feel so drained he is 4 months nearly 5. I give him 8oz bottle at night and he takes 7oz during day don’t know whether to try him 8oz all the time or cause he nearly 5 months give him abit of food see if that helps him
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When he is stirring have you tried leaving him (unless he is full on crying)? I kept lifting my little girl and turns out she can get back to sleep herself within 5 mins, I went too soon!

If he is draining the bottles then yea I would up to 8oz but I would try re settling them with a bottle to make sure it's not just needing to be re settling rather needing a bottle. I rarely give my baby bottle in the night now, but I do top him up (dreamfeed) at 10/11 pm so that might be worth considering depending when u go to bed.

Yeah I do tend to cause he loves head from side to side read that is them self settling be he has habit of putting hands in his mouth or rubbing his eyes which wakes him up fully. Will try 8oz today and see how we go. He does wake for a bottle in night which don’t might it’s the fighting going back to sleep and the stirring throughout that causing me to be tired xx


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