Been going through PPD and anxiety and ptsd pass 2 days badly nothing but crying n sleep idk what do I feel hopeless or just hit me outta nowhere I have a 2 month old I'm trynna stay strong for him
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I’ve had a rough day/night as well! Feel free to message if you just need to talk to someone or vent!

Talking about it helps so much! Do you have a care provider you trust? Even a primary care provider! Here to chat if you need! ❤️

Talk to your doctor or even a therapist! It helps to talk and vent out!

I feel the same way. Talk therapy has been helpful, and I'm meeting a Dr about medication options tomorrow. People say that it will pass. I've found that it comes and goes. I fear that it will come back hard and knock me down. Maybe the worst is behind me? It's hard to say

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