LO suddenly can’t fall asleep without us in room

My LB 2.5 cries if we leave the room when putting him to bed, in turn he’s the same if he wakes in the night /in the morning he’s crying because we’re not there. He just doesn’t wake happy anymore! I guess we need to work on self settling then the rest should follow - but how?! I can’t face CIO. Any advice welcome x
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Following! LG has never settled. We just read a book and she falls asleep, so it's not a massive issue, but we can't leave her if she's awake. She will call out if she wakes as well, but that's not often anymore x

My daughter has starting to cry a lot during nighttime. I think it could be sleep regression as she has started to exercise her imagination more now so I’m thinking that she may has start to have a more vivid dream which then causes her to kind of wake up in a state where she doesn’t know what is happening? She has started a couple weeks ago so hopefully it will pass soon if it is sleep regression. If not, then I’d like to know too because both my partner and I have become sleepless again and we have just started to enjoy a longer sleep during the night 🥲 I am there to comfort her and I don’t mind it but I do have to wake up early to go to work as I commute into another town/city for work by train so coffee has been the only thing that has kept me alive and not sleeping at work for the past weeks 😂

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