My husband is in the army and currently out in the field. He’ll be home on Sunday. I just can’t help but feel so lonely. I want to get out there and make friends but I have huge anxiety. We leave to Germany in may, and I can’t help but feel like if I feel alone here where he’s only gone max 2 weeks out of the month, how will I feel there? I’ve heard they do trainings that last a month to six months. I know what I signed up for being a military spouse and I thought i could do it. I’m just doubting myself now. I love my husband so much, but sometimes it feels like I’m just waiting for him to come home. Our base is in the middle of nowhere and far from everywhere. I have terrible drivers anxiety as well after a car accident. Just needed to vent ☹️
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That does sound really hard :( I think you are probably doing a much better job than you give yourself credit for! You're amazing for supporting your family and the loneliness is completely understandable :) Are there any groups for army wives in your area? I've heard they can be a great support as many of them are in a similar situation. Some even have choirs or other activities :) if not, would you feel comfortable starting a group for your base? Even a knit and natter group, or a book club or something could help give you adults to talk to :) You could make it digital, like what groups did during Covid. That way you wouldn't have to drive :) xx

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