Maternity allowance

Hiya everyone, I’m just wondered does anyone know how long after they got this text did they hear back?
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What is maternity allowance claim? Is it some thing I need to apply for? 😂

Do we need to claim this? I thought I just hand in my matb1 for to my employer

It’s for people who don’t get paid by their employer x

It took ages last time for them to get back to me. And then I hadn’t paid my NI as hadn’t done my tax return yet so only got offered the £27 so had to call them to pay it and then ended up getting it backdated about 5 weeks. Was long winded but was during covid so hopefully might be quicker this time!

@aria no you don’t need to apply for it, I’m self employed so I get my maternity through the job centre x

Heyyyy sorry to jump on this as I don't know the answer but I need to apply for mine and I forgot to get my mat B certificate at my appointment today , will I need it to start my claim ? X

@Frances yeah you will do! Maybe message your midwife and ask if she can fill it out for you asap x

Thanks I've called her !

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