Storage for small amounts of breast milk

I will need to be away from my LO overnight next month by which time she will be 4 months. She won’t really take to formula when I am away from her for a few hours and I’m not producing enough to be able to get a large enough stock in the freezer of breastmilk quickly so I would like to start expressing what I can every day (usually about 40ml) and freeze the small amounts separately to have a large stock by the time I need to be away. Any advice on storage or the best way to achieve this?
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You can keep breastmilk in the fridge up to 4 days. I pump and put into a jug/jar in the fridge and just add to it for the 4 days then on the 4th day I would freeze whatever I had. We use the medela storage bags, and freeze flat in our fridge freezer then they get moved to the deep freezer in a second bag (I normally wait till I have 10 bags then put them in a ziploc bag and into the deep freezer) Hope that helps!

Thank you @Amber! Very helpful ☺️

If you’re going to do that, just make sure you refrigerate your freshly pumped bottle of milk and have it refrigerated temp before adding it to the refrigerated jar. You don’t want to mix cold and warm milk, it could compromise the safety of it with possible bacterial growth. Also another tip is to freeze smaller portions in the storage bags once you make them. So, don’t fill them all the way because when taken out and thawed for a bottle, it can’t be re-frozen or refrigerated once thawed, it would have to be discarded (or used for milk bath etc)

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