Anyone been diagnosed with GD in third trimester but baby is average size?

I had a scan yesterday and it has come to light that there is was too much amniotic fluid around baby. So they are suspecting GD. However, baby is measuring perfect on the 59th percentile. Is it likely to be GD if baby is measuring average? Everything I read says baby is likely to be big?
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Me! With both babies I had GD and both were completely average. They aren’t always big. It’s just that your extra sugars ‘might’ impact them.

I had GD, and my baby was only 7lbs 4oz xx

I had gd last pregnancy and my daughter was born 4lbs 9oz. This is average information but not hard fact. It's a hormonal reaction to your placenta abd can happen at anytime but expecially in 3rd trimester whe. The hormonal load gets the heaviest.

I was diagnosed but my baby is measuring the same I did in my mom’s pregnancy 4 lb 10oz at 34 weeks (I was a premie though) but they say he’s measuring ahead and is too big in the belly

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