Early gender scan

Hi! Has anyone had a private gender scan at 16 weeks? Did it turn out to be aligned with the scan at 20 weeks? (If anyone has reached that point yet)
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I’m having my gender scan at 14+5, I think it’ll be pretty clear if it’s a boy at that gestation so I think 16 weeks would be very clear and there wouldn’t be many room for errors x

I had a private scan at 15 weeks and they said boy. I had to have another nhs scan the week after and they confirmed it was a boy

Had my 16+4 private scan, no room for error it was most definitely a boy!!! Xx

Best place to ask would probably be the England group as its got lots of different people with different aged children. Even those due early September probably have to wait a bit for their 20 week. I'd love to read the answers to this too. Private gender scan next week at 16 weeks!

My previous pregnancy i had scan at 16 weeks and was same at 20. The sonogrophers both tumes said that at 16 weeks its very clear what the sex is so very little chance of getting it wrong (although i know occasionally there have been people who have been told wrong but you can go back to private scan place and get refund or at least mimlne do)

I’m going tomorrow at 14+5. I already did a sneak peek blood test which says girl and have bought girls clothes so if it’s wrong he’s wearing pink for a few months 😂

@Stacey I also did a blood test which said girl, I did it at 6+5 which is quite early so I’m doubting the results 🫣 I’m going for a gender scan at 14+5 (Saturday) to find out, fingers crossed the blood test was right 😂x

@Ashley Oh I’m actually 14+4 Friday so we’re exactly the same! They moved me forward four days at my 12 week scan.

@Stacey how far along were you when you did sneakpeek? X

@Ashley I think I did it when I was just about 7 weeks. I waited as long as I could! I looked at the research and decided if it says girl I’ll trust it more but if it said boy I could have just contaminated it with male dna so wouldn’t have trusted it.

@Stacey omg congrats!! This fills me with hope! We’ve got our gender scan today at 4pm, hoping my blood test was right too, fingers crossed 🤞

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