Dummies at night

My 5 month old has a dummy throughout the night recently if the dummy falls out he will wake up and cry until the dummy is put back in. It is really draining. Will it get better or do I try and wean him off dummies? He’s starting to not nap either during the day so I don’t understand how he’s not tired😩
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I think they call that a sleep association, if you have a Google there’s lots of tips to deal with it but ultimately the answer is probably, yes best to drop using the dummy. My baby is 9 months and has a dummy for sleep… kind of wish we dropped it sooner as it’s easier for them to adjust when younger x

I’ve ended up putting like 5 in my LB cot so he can find one works most of the time x

My girl went through this stage and it was exhausting but it did get better and she now finds her own dummy in the night. I’d say if you’re going to drop the dummy though then it might be a good time to do it, the only reason I didn’t is because it helps her reflux but I seriously considered it x

I had the same problem, every few hours replacing it and I was shattered. Randomly when he started to put it in and out himself he fell asleep without it once cos he took it out (he still has it for day naps) but at night he’s fine So fingers crossed 🤞🏻 it’s so hard isn’t it x

My daughter was exactly the same and it was so stressful, we ended up going cold turkey because she was becoming too reliant on it.

We put 2 in the cot so he could find them without us having to get up

@Lou we’ve got 8 in the cot so far! But he can’t find them himself😩 x

6 months is prime time to drop the dummy! Couple nights of cold turkey will be tiring but worth it! And I wish I’d done it! My little girl is 13 months now but is reliant on it sleep, I used to put her down with like 5 dummies and got breathable cot bumpers so stop them falling out the gaps! Now she wakes up and finds it herself and doesn’t need me! Xxx

If he's starting to not nap during the day it's probably cos he's overtired by bedtime so struggling to stay asleep. They still need a lot of sleep at this age (daytime included). Usually they would be having 3-4 naps.

Glow in the dark dummies! They will be a life saver! MAM do them x

It’s defo a phase and doesn’t last too long. My boy went through the same at a similar age! Around 6 months he learnt to put it in himself, so we have a few in the cot for him to find Practice in the day, give him the dummy to play with and let him learn to put it in himself

My LO was doing that. Bought him glow in the dark dummies and now he finds it himself and sleeps through the night. I am looking to slowly wean him off of them though

You can try to take it out after he falls asleep and has been asleep for a while. Sometimes it works

My 8 month old got worse and worse. He actually didn’t start until around 6 months doing it. Recently took the dummy off him and he now doesn’t wake at all x

I've got glow in the dark ones. He hasn't got to the stage where he finds it, but it's easier for us

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