I’m 23 weeks and struggling so much with tiredness still, it just suddenly hits me and I have to nap which is somewhat problematic when I am out and about! Is anyone else experiencing this? I don’t know if I’m missing something from my diet or this is normal!
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Have you had your iron levels checked recently? I've had anaemia most of the way through my pregnancy and have been on supplements to help, which they have x

I second the above comment - I have iron deficiency anaemia and am feeling slightly better on tablets. I'm 25 weeks and at 20 weeks the fatigue hit me like a brick

I’m 23 weeks and I’m really struggling at the moment, especially in the afternoon! I’ve been falling asleep after dinner (not for too long though because I have a toddler haha) 😔 let me know if anything helps!

Thank you! Definitely a good shout about anaemia, I’ll follow up with my midwife ❤️

I've also been drinking isotonic / electrolyte drinks, which I think helps a little too :) they do cheap versions of Lucozade sports in Tesco!

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